Art Journaling… Some Resources

Hello everyone!

I’m hoping to really focus on getting the art journaling posts
updated and moved over here during the next few weeks!

I thought I’d list a few really good resources for art journaling!

The books below are on my shelves at home…
They’re great resources, but I’ve discovered a few of them are
out of print as I’ve searched for links so you can purchase them.

You might be able to find a used copy
on Amazon, or find them at the library.
Perusing through them might help you get some ideas
and tips as you begin your art journaling journey.

The book that got me started with art Journaling…
The Student’s Guide to Keeping an Art Journal  by Barry Stebbing

And another favorite… It does have some “spookety”
pictures, like scary fairies and goblins, on a couple of
the pages toward the back, but it’s a great visual resource:
How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal by Claudia Nice

This one has a more loose, sketchy feel to it,
but it is a great resource for page layout ideas:
Create Your Own Artist’s Journal by Erin O’Toole

For those who are into nature journaling,
there are several really great resources:
Keeping a Nature Journal by Claire Leslie & Charles Roth

And a great resource for getting children into discovering nature:
Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals by Karen Skidmore Rackliffe

And for those who wish to journal with a historical bent…
this is one of my favorites, and is quite “dog-eared” I must admit!
And we know a couple of the folks in the sketches, which adds to the thrill!:
Living History: Drawing on the Past by Cathy Johnson

Also, check out her other nature journaling resources on her website!

There are SO MANY resources out there! These are all of the “how to” sort of books, full of methods and ideas for art journaling, what to take with you into the field, how to design a page, etc. You may want to find a good resource for inspiration purposes, but the most important thing to do is…

Just start!

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re good at drawing or not, or if you have the perfect art journaling plan or not, or if you have all the tools you need or not. Grab a pencil and some paper, and try your hand at sketching something! Allot a few minutes each day to drawing, and don’t get mad at yourself if it doesn’t turn out the way your mind’s eye had imagined. Drawing is a learned skill and improves greatly with practice. Yes, there are a few talented folks out there that drawing just comes naturally to, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t learn to draw well if they devote a little time & effort to learning the basics. You can do it!


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