What’s that in your hand?

Moses had a stick.

The widow had a small jar of oil.

David had a slingshot and five little stones.

A young boy had five little loaves and a couple of small fishes.

God was able to use those small things in mighty ways.

Choosing my “One Word” for 2017 took a little while. It was a bit jumbled up in my head… and even on paper… until I realized that “Stewardship” best summed up all my random thoughts.

To me, “Stewardship” means taking care of what I have… keeping it, managing it, organizing it, saving it. But more importantly, it means USING IT. Enjoying it. Finishing what I’ve started. Filling it up and not letting it sit idle and empty. Creating and building with it. Spending it down to the last bit if it will bring about something good and useful. Taking a risk with it rather than squirreling it away. Redeeming it and giving it back to the Lord with interest, like the two faithful servants Jesus spoke of in the Parable of the Talents.

It might seem as if there’s not much you can do as a homemaker on
a tight budget with lots of little people hanging on your legs.

Or as a working Mama with barely a minute to spare.

Or as an emptier nester whose chicks have flown off.

But what’s that in your hand?


A well-stocked pantry? A dining room table? Unfinished projects? Tons of craft supplies? Your home? An empty bedroom? A few spare hours? The nest egg you’re saving for a rainy day? Talents you’ve set aside during the busy and demanding years of life?


That’s the question I’m asking myself this year…

How would the Lord have me use what is in my hand?


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