June Art Journaling Page!

Now that June is beyond half over…

Sorry this is late… In early May, my Dad had a serious heart attack, which resulted in a quadruple bypass. And there were complications from the surgery that resulted in the need for long-term rehab and therapy. Add an almost three year-old and an almost six month-old to the mix, as well as a couple family businesses and a whole lot of extra property to care for, and there’s not been much time to do more than the basics. But, the Lord has been good to us through it all, and we’re all starting to feel a bit human again. Most importantly, my Dad is too! I’m thankful every day that we have been able to live right next door to my parents nearly our entire married life. That our children have been able to see their Nana & Pop-Pop almost every day. (And that Grammy & Grampy are pretty close too!) And that family has been a huge priority for us all these years, and everything can be put on hold when needed in order to take care of those closest to us.

So… better late than never?

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