Summer by the Shore… and a New Venture!

Our August preschool theme has been the Seashore.


And that’s a good place to start our school year, considering that we only live about four miles from the Atlantic Ocean! We have lots of shoreline environments to explore… the ocean and the bay, Indian River and its inlet, creeks and “landings” and salt marshes…

We’re really only beginning to explore our local environment with our theme. It’s definitely going to be a lifelong nature study topic for our family.

We’ve had a lot of fun activities planned for this month, but first
take a look at some of the great resource books we’ve enjoyed!

I just became an Usborne Books & More consultant (the “New Venture” mentioned in this post’s title!) because I absolutely fell in love with their brightly colored and full-of-information books for kids! My shopping link is on the sidebar, but you can also click on the titles below to go directly to the specific books if you’d like to find out more about them! (Or to purchase them!)

Two of our favorite reference books so far are the First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans and the Usborne Young Beginners Seashore book. The encyclopedia is geared for ages 8 and up, but I have a 3 year-old that calls it “MY book” and thumbs through its pages on a regular basis.


However, the content of the Seashore book is a
little more on the preschool level, and
is “just my size” for little hands to carry!


I love the way Usborne books give a “storybook” feel
to informational picture books…
On the Seashore is a sweetly illustrated book that
creates curiosity in young ocean visitors!


Another favorite is Secrets of the Seashore… a Shine-A-Light book by Kane Miller. These are some of our favorite interactive books that Usborne Books & More sells! If you shine a flashlight through the back of each page, you can see a secret “inside story!”


Anyway, that’s a first peek into our August preschool learning, as well as an intro into how we’re using Usborne books in our homeschooling! I’m hoping to use this new venture to help fund our homeschool adventures, as well as another Super Special Adventure our family is about to embark on! More on that very soon!

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