Hello! So glad you could stop by!

My name is Kim, and I’m wife to Chris, my hubby of almost thirty years… Mom to our beautiful and creative girls Jordan and Katie, and Mum to our little son Tyler James… Nana to five sweet grands… Jackson and Derik and Ezekiel and Seeley and Tasha. Our girls, their guys, and the grands live on opposite sides of the continent… One set in California and the other set here in Delaware. Hubby, Tyler James, and I, along with our cat, Oreo, live in slower lower Delaware, a few miles from the ocean, right next door to my parents and their general store, and about fifteen minutes away from Hubby’s Mom and Dad.

Many years ago, we dubbed our little homestead “Thistle Dew Farm,” which was a play on words…
…Thistle Dew? Yup, This’ll Do! It’s a good place to be and live and raise a family and create and grow up and grow old… and a good place to run a little home-based family business like Thistle Dew Mercantile.

About the art you see here?

I have loved playing with paper and paint and yarn and fabric
and colored pencils and crayons and ink since I was a little girl,
and kinda always knew that I’d do some sort of art when I grew up.

The art of papercutting caught my eye as a young wife and mama, and almost thirty years later, it still has my attention. My artwork is strongly influenced by the Pennsylvania German arts of scherenschnitte and fraktur, and with its bright colors, folksy design, and themes based on Bible stories and verses, Americana, patriotism, folk tales, and nature, I hope it brings joy… and a bit of whimsy… to the places it eventually calls “home.”